Writing a Novel Just Got Easier

Whether you're a novel writing newbie or you already have a half-finished story sitting unloved at the back of a drawer, Novel Writing Help can take you where you need to go...

  • It's Easy to Understand. I've assumed no prior knowledge of fiction writing whatsoever and tackle every topic right from the roots.
  • It's Seriously Comprehensive. Once you've mastered the fundamentals, I dig deep down into the details – and that's precisely the level of knowledge you need if you want to make it.

And the best thing? It's free!

So settle back, enjoy the ride, and let me guide you on this incredible adventure.

Who the Heck Am I?

My name is Harvey Chapman and I have been teaching the art and craft of novel writing since 2008.

I also love reading fiction and writing fiction – when I can find the time :( – but it's the theory of how novels are built that has hooked me from an early age.

Harvey Chapman from Novel Writing Help

You know all those writing guides you see in the stores? Well, I've been reading them for fun since I was in my early teens, including all the out of print ones.

I've also analyzed hundreds of published novels for technique, and I've done plenty of teaching so I know where beginners need the most help. And Novel Writing Help is the result.

Here is how I want you to think of me...

Imagine I'm a friendly stranger you meet in a bar. We get chatting over drinks and you tell me that you're thinking of writing a novel.

"I know a thing or two about that," I say.

"Really?" you say as you sit up straighter in your seat. "Tell me everything you know!"

So I do.

And everything I tell you is right here on this site.

And it doesn't even cost you a beer!

"I have been to many writing sites, but yours is the best. With your instruction techniques, you have given me the inspiration and help that I have been searching for...thank you so much."
- Judy Duckworth, Long Beach, CA

"With all the trash on the internet, I appreciate that there are a couple of legitimate writers out there willing to share their expertise. Thanks."
- Joey Przymus, Connecticut

"I've been drowning in a sea of expensive and unhelpful websites about writing - which did nothing except confuse, annoy and depress me. Finding your website has been enlightening and a very, very welcome find. Thank you."
- Jim Franklin, Derby, UK

"Just wanted to say thanks for putting such a comprehensive and "down-to-earth" site on writing in general. Kudos, my friend, from one writer to another!"
- Dan Corkery, Ireland

"What an amazing site! Thanks so much for your enormous efforts. I am relishing every detail and will share this find with others."
- Jodi O. James, New Jersey

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The Keys to Success...

Look, I don't want to sprinkle you with fairy dust here, but I love novel writing and I truly believe that it's a magical experience...

Armed with nothing but the spark of an idea and the desire to create, you get to build an entire living and breathing world using only your imagination. What's not to love about that?

But isn't novel writing "difficult"?

Well, it's certainly not "easy" to write publishable fiction - not boiling-an-egg easy.

There will be tough times on this writing adventure you're about to undertake. But you'll get to have plenty of fun along the way, too...

And so long as you understand the three keys to success, there is nothing to stop you reaching your final destination. All you need is...

  • A little raw talent
  • A willingness to work at it
  • A strong knowledge of your craft

Now, writing talent is seriously over-rated. As a matter of fact, too much of it could actually be a hindrance.

If you like to read novels, you have what it takes to write them. Simple as that. Everything else is down to hard work and commitment.

I can't help you with the need to commit to writing a novel. That all depends on how much it means to you.

My job is to teach you the craft of fiction. And that's where all the free help and advice on my website comes in.

So here's the deal...

If you supply the brains and the motivation, I will tell you everything you need to know to write a novel to a publishable standard — and how to sell it, too!

Ready to Get Started? Let's Go...

So where do you begin? The beginning is never a bad place (if a little predictable).

But if you're still wondering whether you really do have what it takes to succeed, try starting with this popular article: The 7 Keys to Success.

Already pumped up with confidence? Great...

Then you will want to head straight to the section showing you How to Write a Novel Step by Step. Understanding the writing process is critical...

  • If you immediately start writing a first draft, after the bare minimum of planning - which is the approach most beginners take - you will soon run out of motivation and enthusiasm. (Somewhere around the end of Chapter Two is a popular place to quit for "seat of the pants" writers.)
  • But if you take the time to plan first - creating the characters, plotting the novel, and so on - you are almost guaranteed to make it to the end. Why? Because you have taken a horribly complicated process and, by breaking it down into steps, made it simple.

Enough talk...

Finding this website is a great first step (be sure to add it to your favorites in case you can't find it again!)

The next step is to use the site - not just today and tomorrow, but in the weeks and months ahead as the novel in your imagination starts to become a reality.

Good luck on your adventure. And don't forget that novel writing is NOT a race – and that it's okay to have plenty of fun along the way.

- Harvey


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