Writing a Novel Just Got Easier

Novel writing is challenging – where would be the fun if it wasn't? But it doesn't have to be complicated...

Instead of struggling with everything at once (character, plot, subplot, setting, theme...), you just need to take it in small, do-able steps.

And that's where Novel Writing Help comes in...

  • It's easy to understand. I've assumed no prior knowledge and tackle every topic from the roots.
  • It's seriously comprehensive. Once you've understood the fundamentals, I drill down into all the detail you need to truly master your craft.

And best of all...

  • It's totally free!

Meet Your Guide!

My name is Harvey Chapman and I've been teaching the art and craft of fiction writing since 2008.

I also love reading fiction and writing fiction – when I can find the time – but it's the theory of how novels are built that has hooked me from an early age.

You know all those writing guides you see in the stores? Well, I've been reading them for fun since I was in my early teens, including all the out of print ones.

I've also analyzed hundreds of published novels for technique, and I've done plenty of teaching so I know where beginners need the most help. And Novel Writing Help is the result.

Here's how I want you to think of me...

Imagine I'm a friendly stranger you meet in a bar. We get chatting over drinks and you tell me that you're thinking of writing a novel.

"I know a thing or two about that," I say.

"Really?" you say as you sit up straighter in your seat. "Tell me everything you know!"

So I do.

And everything I tell you is right here on this site.

And it doesn't even cost you a beer!

Ready to Write That Novel?

Excellent! Let's get started...

It's best to think of Novel Writing Help like a book. The links on the right of the page are the chapters.

Follow them in order (from top-to-bottom) and you'll be getting to grips with your novel in no time.

Good luck on your novel writing adventure. Never be afraid to get in touch.

And if you like what you find here, please give me a mention wherever and whenever you can.

— Harvey