Novel Writing Help: A New Dawn

A new dawn

Regular visitors to Novel Writing Help will know that I've been, um, somewhat absent in recent times. Apologies for that. But judging from the many emails I get, folks have been getting on with their fiction just fine without me!

What's the "new dawn" about?

Since 2012, I've been preoccupied with a demanding day job (hence, little in the way of new novel writing articles since then). Tomorrow (November 2, 2016) is my last day at work. So...

I'm free to commit, once again, to making Novel Writing Help THE best free resource for all things fiction!

Here's What I Have Planned...

First, I need to give the website a refresh. A lot of what I wrote between 2008 - 2012 (before the day job got in the way) is pretty good. It can be better, though. And there are a few pages on the site that need rebuilding from the ground up.

Second, I'll start to create new pages on a regular basis. There are several holes that need filling – not least in the section on novel publishing, which has changed beyond recognition in recent years.

(Spoiler alert: the changes in how to publish novels and how to promote them make this a new Golden Age for fiction writers.)

Finally, I have plans for a second website – a login-protected website, to be specific. Don't get me wrong...

  • Novel Writing Help is only going to get better, and it will always remain free. But...
  • For folks who don't mind paying for the "red carpet treatment," the new site will fill that gap (and enable me to keep doing this full time!)

Anyway, that's the big picture of where I'm heading. I sincerely hope you join me for the ride as, together, we become masters of writing and selling fiction in the digital age.

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Talk soon!

— Harvey

P.S. Feel free to contact me whenever you like.

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