Novel Writing Help...and Me

The aim of Novel Writing Help is to show people - newcomers and more experienced writers alike - how to write a novel.

More than that, it is to teach it in sufficient depth.

Far too much writing advice barely skims the surface of the subject. I firmly believe that kind of knowing your craft and being a master of it is what separates those who succeed from those who don't.

But who am I? And what are my credentials?

My name is Harvey Chapman and I live in Woodbridge in England.

I have been involved with creative writing, in one way or another, all of my life...

  • I have written poems and short stories and had many published (mostly in those magazines that pay you in back issues).

  • I have written four novels, though the first three were unsuccessful (still, they taught me how not to write a novel). The fourth is undergoing editing with a publisher.

  • I am also working on an online project to test the possibilities open to writers in cyberspace.

To be honest, though, my writing career has always been sidetracked by a passion for the theory of how to write fiction.

(I am one of those people who prefer tinkering with engines than actually driving cars.)

Because I've had this lifelong passion for understanding the art and craft of writing, I ended up teaching it. I have taught beginners for many years and read countless drafts by them, so I know the common writing mistakes.

How did I learn my subject? Partly at school and university, but mainly I am self-taught...

  • I have analyzed thousands of published novels for technique.
  • There isn't a creative writing guide out there that I haven't read (including all the out-of-print ones), and I continue to devour them to this day.
  • I have done plenty of writing of my own, of course.

And that is why I am able to claim that there is nothing that even comes close to this website...

  • Not only does Novel Writing Help contain the broadest writing advice available, in that it covers subjects others barely mention.
  • But because it also gets right down to the core of every subject, it is also the deepest guide to writing you will find.

And broad and deep is exactly the kind of knowledge you need if you want to make it as a writer!

Anyway, enjoy the site, and I wish you the best of success with your novel.

- Harvey