SBI! Review: The Only 2 Things You Need to Know

This isn't your typical review of SBI! – or Solo Build It! if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

It's more a debt of gratitude.

You know when folks say that something "changed their life" and you don't believe a word of it? Well, Solo Build It! changed my life...

Before SBI!, it felt like the only people who actually made a living online were the snake oil sellers.

I was willing to pay hard-won cash for the right roadmap.

I was willing to work my you-know-what off as I traveled that road to the money mountain.

But the maps I bought all led right back to Nowhereville, and the money mountain itself came to feel like a cruel mirage.

I still believed in the mountain – kinda. I still believed I had what it took to make it to the summit.

But when I looked my reflection in the eye and told myself that I would find the way, all I got back was Hemingway's devastating line...

Hemingway: Isn't it pretty to think so?

And then I discovered SBI!

This was back in 2008. Truth be told, my hopes were a lot higher than my expectations.

Sure, these guys sounded like the real deal. And their roadmap just. made. sense. (Even to a no-nothing noob.)

But I'd been here before.

Still, I took the leap of faith. And almost a decade on, I can say that it was the best darn leap I ever took.

I hope this review helps you take your own leap to freedom.

What Are the 2 Things You Need to Know About SBI!


  1. It works (assuming you're willing to work at it).
  2. There's a lot of people in the business of telling you it doesn't work.

That second one's a biggie, so listen up good...

When a friend or a loved one recommends something – anything – to you, you know you can trust them. They may be right or wrong about their recommendation, but at least you know they're not trying to screw you over.

When a stranger does the same thing, you can't be so sure. Yes, it might be a good, life-changing recommendation. Equally, they may be recommending a heap of crap just to get a slice of your cash.

Me, I don't stand to gain a solitary bean from this. I'm a Solo Build It! customer, not an affiliate. So if you go ahead and sign up (which I hope you do), I will not receive a percentage of the sale – or any kind of reward whatsoever.

(I'm writing this because I remember what it's like to stand in your shoes. And I remember reading a similar recommendation to this one, one that forced me to take that life-changing leap.)

Other folks out there who claim to have your best interests at heart may not be acting so selflessly.

There's a big thing going down right now from people promoting a site called Wealthy Affiliate. The scam works like this...

  1. They put up an "SBI! review" that says that Solo Build It! is okay... but there's a better alternative.
  2. The alternative is Wealthy Affiliate. And guess what? If you swallow what they say and sign up with WA, they pocket a percentage of your cash. Ker-ching!

Is Wealthy Affiliate better than SBI!?

Short answer: Nope.

Longer answer: Check out this BS-free study.

Here's Why SBI! Works

It's not cool to blow your own trumpet... but I'm going to blow it anyway.

I started this website, Novel Writing Help, back in 2008. As of today, it's one of the top 300,000 websites in the world...

Top 300,000 website

That's out of 170,000,000 active sites – not bad for one guy and an iMac!

Being in the top 0.2% of all websites translates into 2,000+ folks a day who are interested in novel writing...

2,000+ visitors per day

Your passion is likely something else entirely. But whether you're interested in beekeeping or the Bible, football or photography, understand that the SBI! roadmap will show you how to get a ton of fans showing up at your website every day.

What you do with them after that is down to how far you want to make it up the money mountain.

Me, I sell access to a membership site (it'll never make me rich, but it gives me everything I need). You might sell them a physical product or an ebook. If you prefer a simpler life, you might just recommend the products of others.

Either way, building a business around something you love, and making good money from doing it, beats the heck out of working for someone else. It's like I said...

Best leap I ever made!

Take YOUR leap by clicking here.